Preventative Care

There is truth to the adage "Prevention is the best medicine". A yearly physical exam goes into greater details about health concerns or questions than at a routine check-up. Your entire medical history is addressed along with any new concerns. A complete physical exam is performed, and appropriate tests are ordered. Vaccines are administered, and age-appropriate cancer screening is completed.

Sports physical exams involve taking a sport-focused physical exam, screening for potential heart issues, and completing forms for sports participation.

Medical wellness exams focus on areas of wellness that often affect senior patients.  They also complete insurance-required documentation on your health.

What to Expect during a Yearly Physical 

  • Review and discuss medications

  • Discuss changes in medical and social history

  • General vital signs (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure)

  • Full physical exam including skin exams

  • Gender specific care (breast and pelvic exams for females; testicular, hernia, and prostate exams for males)

  • Cancer screening (colon, prostate, cervical, and breast cancer)

  • Ordering relevant labs and imaging

  • Screening for mental health

  • Completion of necessary paperwork (disability, school forms, insurance forms)

Our services for Children's Doctors in Canton, MI

We believe that every child is different, and they might have other health conditions and issues that they face daily but aren’t able to share with their parents. That’s why Dasher Family Medicine is here to focus on providing comprehensive healthcare services to your children, who are an essential part of your family. We aim to deliver the best Canton pediatric care services so that every family can get the best of a doctor’s advice to help their children in the future. 

We are dedicated to providing top-notch pediatric care services catering to children’s specific healthcare requirements since we recognize childrens also have particular needs. From infant through youth, our pediatric care services are created to offer complete care for kids. We help parents deal with their children’s health conditions and live healthy lives with our wide range of services with the help of our expert Children’s Doctors in Canton.

Best Canton pediatric Healthcare services

We are a group of skilled Children's Doctors in Canton who are specialists committed to offering individualized treatment and developing enduring bonds with families to help their children find their way to healthy living. We understand the individuality of every child, and they need parents to collaborate closely. We can also share exceptional guidance and help parents and childrens understand that it is essential to discuss with their parents. Our expert doctors can also deliver special care suited to every child’s requirements.

Dasher family Medicines offers a comprehensive range of medical services provided by the best Canton pediatric specialists with exceptional skills and knowledge to deal with children’s issues and health problems, including routine well-child examinations, immunizations, and treatment for acute ailments, ear infections, and strep throat. Additionally, we also offer counseling and other offer treatment for other severe conditions to help your childrens live healthy life.

Find Reliable Primary Care Services

Finding the best reliable primary care services in your area takes a lot of time, and we have made everything simple for you. Our primary care services are created to support you in maintaining your routine and health for years. There is no excuse not to get started right away since we have created a thorough strategy that can be tailored to your unique demands and objectives.

As the best primary care physician in Detroit, you can get primary care services, such as preventative care, sickness diagnosis and treatment, and chronic condition management, which are the cornerstone of good health. With various services available at our primary care clinic, we are available to help you and your family maintain good health.