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General Practice vs. Family Practice – What’s the Difference?

General Practice vs Family Practice

In today’s time, there are so many healthcare options available. It’s natural to get confused about what type of doctor is right for you. When you get sick, you must think about whether you should go to a family or a general practice.

While they may sound similar, they also have some key differences that patients should keep in mind when selecting a doctor.

On the other hand, some individuals are also concerned about urgent care vs primary care. Sometimes unexpected situations happen, and we don’t understand what to do. So, here we provide a guide to help you understand the dissimilarities between the two.

What Is General Practice?

General practice doctors are medical professionals who provide primary healthcare services to patients in various settings, including clinics, hospitals, and private practices. They have years of training to identify and manage a variety of medical disorders.

They frequently collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals to coordinate patient treatment. General practice doctors focus on preventive care, health promotion, and the early detection and treatment of health problems.

They also offer counseling and support to help patients maintain good health and wellness.

What Is a Family Practice?

Before learning the difference between general practice and family practice, let’s first understand what family practice doctors are. So, basically, they are generalists who can treat ongoing health issues, check out symptoms, give preventive care, and let people know when they need to see a specialist.

These doctors usually work in private offices with other family practice doctors or in clinics and hospitals. Some family physicians work in places with few medical resources and where many people struggle with low education and money.

Their goal is to provide healthcare to everyone, regardless of age, and help those who might have difficulty getting medical care.

Difference between Family Practice and General Practice

General and family practice are two medical specialists providing primary care services to patients. Let’s have a look at what are the differences between them.

General Practice

  • GPs, or general practitioners, provide medical services to adults, teenagers, and children. They don’t focus on one specific area of medicine but instead offer general healthcare for various health needs.
  • At a general practice, you’ll experience service similar to that at the emergency department.
  • They have broad knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat various medical conditions and health concerns.

Family Practice

  • When it comes to general practice vs family practice, once you register with a family practice, your doctor will come to know you and your family’s entire medical history.
  • Family physicians have a lot of training to analyze and address the unique healthcare needs of individuals within the context of their family dynamics.
  • Family practice physicians are often seen as the first point of contact for patients who need medical attention.

Responsibilities of Family Practice vs General Practice

Family and general practice have different responsibilities based on their training and expertise. Patients should choose a physician based on their individual needs and preferences. Below are some commitments you should consider for general and family practices.

Family Practice Doctors

In general practitioner vs family medicine, family practice doctors can examine patients, diagnose their health issues, and prescribe medications to help them get better. They usually work five days a week and have regular office hours without being on call all the time.

Family doctors have to do paperwork and dictation, and they have to complete it daily. After performing paperwork duties, they set aside specific office hours to focus on patient visits and updating medical records.

A family physician frequently works in a clinic where numerous other medical professionals also practice in the same field.

Here are the job responsibilities of a family practice doctor include:

  • Sometimes, family practice doctors work overnight or longer hours if their practice needs it, but this is not very common.
  • They take care of giving vaccinations to patients and make sure to stay up-to-date with their immunizations.
  • If a patient needs specialized tests or treatments, the family doctor will refer them to other doctors or diagnostic centers for further evaluation.

General Practice Doctors

As we’re talking about general practice vs. family practice responsibilities, common practice doctor’s office hours depend on when the clinic is open. Some clinics can be open past normal office hours and on weekends.

General practitioners (GPs) help patients stay healthy by advising them to care for themselves. They focus on preventing health issues and offer guidance on making positive lifestyle changes to improve certain medical conditions.

Generally, In these clinics, some labs and machines will assist you in performing medical testing to diagnose certain issues further. Doctors are required to keep clinical records on patients. They will use these records if a patient needs to be recommended to another specialist for further testing or needs to be seen by a specialist.

Consider the following job responsibilities of a general doctor such as:

  • General doctors figure out and treat many different health problems.
  • Ordering for x-rays and other essential tests.
  • They can take care of your wounds and injuries if you get hurt.
  • Prescribing medications to patients as needed.

In Short

Do you still have any queries regarding family medicine vs general practice? The above guide will help you to make a suitable decision. Whatever doctor you choose, they are hard-working and passionate in their job.

Family or general doctors will give compassionate and comprehensive medical care to all valued patients throughout the treatment.

Moreover, the well-known family doctor Canton MI US offers treatment for various conditions, such as coughs, colds, and high blood pressure.

You should regularly consult with the doctors even though you are fine because checkups will tell you if you have any problem, and you can diagnose it at the right time.


What is the difference between a GP and a family physician?

Your family doctor is there to care for you and your whole family, from the youngest to the oldest. They can handle various health concerns at different stages of life. The general practitioner also welcomes patients of all ages, but they mainly deal with milder health problems that are not too serious.

What is a GP family doctor?

A “GP family doctor” is a general practitioner (GP) specializing in family medicine. Family medicine doctors, also known as family practitioners, provide comprehensive healthcare to patients from children to elders.

What kind of doctor do I need?

It’s important for all adults to have a primary care doctor, which can be either an internal medicine doctor (internist) or a family medicine doctor. A yearly checkup can help your doctor find any health problems early.

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